Gold Telephone Numbers

Once the preserve of celebrities wishing to retain anonymity, Virtual or Gold Telephone Numbers are now widely available for a variety of purposes, e.g. one memorable number.  Increasing numbers of businesses, from start-ups and SME’s to multi-site corporations, are utilising Gold Telephone Numbers to give them a leading edge over their competitors.

Numbertel is a specialist supplier of some of the most memorable and desirable Gold Telephone Numbers in the UK.  With the constant evolution of technology available to consumers and businesses alike, Gold Telephone Numbers enable you to create one point of contact and streamline communications.

Geographic Gold Telephone Numbers have an STD code for UK towns and cities and a tariff consistent with that code – your customer perceives that they are dialling a local number which is a fantastic call to action and will generate more calls.  Mobile Gold Telephone Numbers are numerically easy and often the combinations can also form part of the prefix, making them even more memorable.

If you work remotely, divert your Gold Telephone Number to your mobile phone so you never miss any ‘landline’ calls – you can also see the type of call displayed and answer your phone appropriately.  If you run several businesses or simply want to avoid an impersonal ‘press 1 for sales, etc.’ option, why not assign different departments their own Gold Telephone Numbers?

Gold Telephone Numbers are for life and offer low overheads with no line installation and line rental costs.  Numbertel is a specialist supplier of Gold Telephone Numbers –visit our Services page for more information.


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