Virtual Receptionist – IVR Solution

Despite 70 per cent of UK workers owning two or more communication devices, 68 per cent experience a delay in receiving important messages more than once a week, according to research conducted by Avaya.

Never miss a call again with Numbertel’s Virtual Receptionist, a system capable of handling hundreds of calls simultaneously.  You have the option of routing to a main Switchboard number, Voicemail or using a Hunt Group.


The Virtual Receptionist service greets callers using your company name and offers them an option such as “Please press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support or 3 for Accounts”.  They select a number on their keypad and the call is routed accordingly.

Using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology, Numbertel’s Virtual Receptionist service also enables businesses to prompt responses from callers via word recognition.  IVR is not limited to inbound calls however and businesses are increasingly using it to obtain information for overdue accounts, appointments, etc.


The Virtual Receptionist service records the relevant details and instantly emails or texts the message to you and also stores it in your 24/7 online control panel so wherever you are in the world, you can access your call records.

Hunt Groups

These enable the Virtual Receptionist to distribute calls from a single telephone number to a group of lines.  The system ‘hunts’ each line until it finds a free extension, either via  ‘sequential’ searches starting with the first in the list and work down or ‘round robin’ searches which distribute calls evenly amongst the group.

Unproductive communication costs businesses an estimated £7.8 billion every year.   Our Virtual Receptionist service ensures you do not become a statistic or miss any customer enquiries, meeting requests or important new business leads again.


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