Local Telephone Numbers

Local Telephone Numbers, often referred to as ‘virtual’ or ‘geographic’ numbers, work in conjunction with your existing phone numbers. This means you can make outgoing and receive incoming calls in the normal way without the requirement for new line installation or expensive equipment modifications.

Local Telephone Numbers have an 01 or 02 Local Area Code for UK towns and cities and a tariff consistent with that code.  Whilst with our Local Telephone Numbers service callers pay a local rate, the equivalent of calling an 01 or 02 number, you pay only 2p/ min + VAT to receive calls.  You will also benefit from our web-based Control Panel to re-route calls from landlines to mobiles (15p/min flat rate), view and download call data records and much more.

With Numbertel’s 100% national UK coverage, you can capture enquiries for your business anywhere outside of your normal area and harness the preference of many customers for calling a ‘Local’ Telephone Number.  If, for example, you are a London-based company that wants to attract customers in Birmingham, rather than setting up a local office with the associated expenses, Numbertel can provide you with an 0121 Birmingham Local Telephone Number and re-route all incoming calls to your London office.

Purchase a Local Telephone Number today and be connected merely an hour later – this service also works in conjunction with any of our other Call Services.  Your customers will perceive that they are dialling a Local Telephone Number, which is a fantastic call to action and will generate more calls, giving your company a very competitive edge.


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