Low Cost International Calls

The world has become a very small place, thanks largely to internet technology and the availability of cheap international travel.  Now, Low Cost International Calls have added to the mix enabling you to make unlimited phone calls to hundreds of destinations around the globe from a landline or mobile phone, any time of the day or night.  With Numbertel’s Low Cost International Calls you will also enjoy an incredibly low price of just 1p per minute.

Call friends, family or business contacts overseas for a song or free in some cases, with our Low Cost International Calls service.  Whilst BT and Virgin continue to charge a jaw-dropping 27p and 32p per minute respectively to call Australia for example, you can reduce this to just 1p per minute without even changing your phone provider.

It couldn’t be easier.  Simply choose your country from our list, dial the access number, wait for the tone, make your Low Cost International Call and you’re connected.

With our Low Cost International Calls service you benefit from huge savings, as much as 90% on BT without even having to commit yourself to a contract or mess about with calling or credit cards and the calls will simply appear on your bill.  Best of all, you can even make Low Cost International Calls through your mobile phone with our Text & Talk Service for Mobiles.

If you’re impressed by these incredible savings, why not become a Numbertel Low Cost International Calls agent?  Call free on 0800 808 9777 for more details and learn how simply promoting our services will earn you commission on top of the savings you already enjoy from our Low Cost International Calls service. It’s free to register, so why not find out more and start earning?


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