Call Whisper / Call Screening

Call Whisper, or Call Screening, plays a short message to the recipient before connecting the caller, enabling you to identify the type of call before answering with the appropriate greeting, whether it’s a business or personal call.

Call Whisper is available on Non-Geographic Telephony systems and hosted inbound call handling software. Because Call Whisper settings are specific to a particular Non-Geographic Telephone Number, the recipient can also decide whether to accept or reject the call.

As an example, ten separate numbers can route inbound calls to a single destination, but each will have its own customised Call Whisper message relating to the nature of the call, e.g. the number they have called, a particular product or service or even a response to an advertisement.

The Call Whisper system is intelligent enough to advise what location the call is coming from, or check the caller against a customer database and in the case of existing customers, advise the agent who is calling and their account number.  You can also create an automated messaging service eliminating the need for obsolete voicemail messages in your mailbox, which have to be retrieved and dealt with.

Call Whisper is also an ideal solution if your business provides advertising space or publishing services to your customers.  Adding one of our numbers will reinforce your brand and help your customer to identify where their call has been generated from.  As you will also be supplied with free of charge, detailed Call Statistics with every number you can use for your own purposes or pass on to your customer.

To take advantage of Call Whisper, you do not need any special hardware and the system will route to any handset.  The Call Whisper message can also be updated at anytime, free of charge, by using our secure dial-in recording platform.


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