Number Porting

What is Number Porting?

Number Porting is simply the process of transferring your phone number from your existing carrier over to us. Some people port their numbers to save money while others find it more convenient to receive just one bill.

The industry regulator (Ofcom) sets the rules that govern the transfer of numbers, which all network operators must adhere to

Port your existing geographic and/or non-geographic telephone number to Numbertel and benefit from lower charges, powerful call manager services and excellent customer support.

Why should I Port to Numbertel?

  • Change supplier but keep your favourite number(s)
  • Simple and straightforward transfer transfer process
  • No downtime in your service during the process
  • Numbertel will handle the entire process on your behalf
  • We will transfer or “port” your phone number to Numbertel with minimum disruption
  • You save money and are billed by Numbertel instead of your current provider
  • Benefit from Numbertel’s extensive range of portability agreements with operators including BT, Cable & Wireless and Virgin Media


How do I Port to Numbertel?

  • Complete a porting document with company name, address & account number
  • You will receive confirmation from both parties to confirm your request
  • Once live on our network, a welcome letter will be sent
  • The whole process typically takes 10 – 20 days

If your current supplier does not appear in the above list, please contact us as we may still be able to transfer your current number(s). Most of the carriers above have “resellers” of their services and if your reseller is tied to any of the carriers above we should still be able to port your number.

By porting your number to Numbertel you can retain the same number and benefit from our great range of products service and support.




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