Percentage Based Routing

Percentage Based Routing, or Resource Routing, enables you to route calls to multiple destinations or locations based on a percentage ratio.  It is useful for example to businesses with say two call centres but 300 lines in one and 100 in the other, therefore they could split 75% and 25%.

The percentage ratio can be set or altered at any time free of charge and destinations can incorporate Hunt Groups and Voicemail.

By using Numbertel’s online Control Panel, you have at your fingertips one of the most useful features for call and contact centre businesses who need to manage call traffic across multiple locations, based on the number of available resources at each site. A resource can encompass an agent, IVR port, percentage of calls, etc.  Users can simply set the number of resources assigned to each and Numbertel’s online Control Panel will automatically distribute them.

Ultimately, Numbertel’s Percentage Based Routing feature will result in shorter waiting times for callers and greater autonomy for call/contact centres because it will enable them to manage their resources more effectively, ultimately benefitting our business and increasing customer satisfaction and your bottom line.



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