Inbound Call Recording

Until fairly recently, Inbound Call Recording required special hardware or software.  Our Inbound Call Recording service is quick and easy to set up, no equipment is required at your premises and no IT resource is needed.

Inbound Call Recording is an affordable service with very little capital outlay, used by businesses or organizations of all sizes and sectors looking to monitor and improve call handling.  With Numbertel’s online control panel, you can also obtain monthly Inbound Call statistics and utilise our online playback facility and storage.

How Inbound Call Recording works:

  •  The caller hears a pre-recorded message stating that calls may be recorded for monitoring or training purposes
  • The call is routed to your telephone
  • As soon as you answer the call, the entire conversation is recorded and converted into a sound file (mp3)
  • The mp3 file can then either be downloaded or automatically emailed to a designated address, within minutes of the call ending.

Our Inbound Call Recording service enables you to record any or all of your inbound calls so you can play them back and download them at anytime with the capacity to record multiple calls simultaneously.  Recordings are also time stamped which is often a legal requirement.

Some businesses, such as those regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) are required by law to record their Inbound Calls and many financial regulators are also beginning to address mobile phone recording.  It is also increasingly important to business continuity planning, especially for pandemic planning.

With the changes in technology and the rise of remote and mobile working, Inbound Call Recording is becoming increasingly important.  Numbertel’s Inbound Call Recording service is much more than the ability to monitor calls for training purposes and helping to manage customer service issues.  It is a valuable resource in developing your teams call handling ability in good and bad situations.


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