0800 numbers can help boost incoming calls

0800 Numbers help businesses to generate more incoming calls, retain customer loyalty and develop credibility in the minds of their customers, suppliers and partners, without any compromise on quality or reliability.

A low cost 0800 Number will cost you just 4.95p/min to a UK Landline or 15p/min to a mobile whilst your customer or contacts call you free of charge. In return, you will benefit from a national presence for your business for life, free call forwarding service, fully itemised billing, no hidden charges and fast connection, to help you monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and return on investment.

Offering free 0800 Numbers to your customers will help maintain a national presence, an even more professional impression and improved communication.  They will feel happier about talking to you during more hours of the day, resulting in increased call traffic, callers and feedback to improve the quality of service you provide.

Enhance your callers’ experience with Numbertel’s online control panel which offers call manager features such as the ability to instantly forward calls on your 0800 numbers, view/download call data reports, Call Recording, Call Whisper and Virtual Receptionist.  Should your company relocate, you can even take your 0800 Number with you or place a temporary call divert completely free of charge.

Numbertel’s 0800 Numbers will give you a major advantage and leverage over your competitors, whilst simultaneously decreasing your expenditure with low call rates, ultimately resulting in a return on your investment.



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