Buy an 0845 Number and get another connected FREE of charge

0845 Numbers help businesses to generate more incoming calls, retain customer loyalty and increase their return on investment.  Not only that, but they also allow businesses to promote their products and services on a national scale with NO incoming call charge when connected to a landline, which is ideal for measuring two adverting campaigns simultaneously.

Standard 0845 Numbers allow businesses to configure where calls to their 0845 Number are routed from, either an office or mobile ‘target’ number, which can also be changed instantly with the click of a button at no extra charge, via Numbertel’s online Control Panel.

Numbertel supply 0845 Numbers for every budget from as little as £10.00 + VAT set-up cost and £10.00 + VAT per month. In addition, if you purchase one of Numbertel’s 0845 Numbers you will get another connected absolutely FREE of charge.  Thereafter, you pay NO incoming call charges to landlines and benefit from discounts for multiple numbers.

Feedback tells us that customers prefer to make a local rate call and when they dial your 0845 Number it will cost them the same as calling a standard 01 or 02 local Number.  In return, you will benefit from NO incoming call charge to landlines, a national presence for your business for life, free call forwarding service, fully itemised billing, no hidden charges and fast connection.Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and increase your return on investment by taking advantage of Numbertel’s offer to Buy an 0845 Number and get another connected absolutely FREE of charge.


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