International Toll Free Numbers

International Toll Free Numbers encourage callers to reach you anywhere in the world at no cost to them, meaning that customers easily connect to your business and you increase your bottom line. Numbertel can supply numbers to over 80 countries worldwide and manage all the connections and you only pay 8p/min to receive the incoming calls.

When your customers dial your International Toll Free Number, the call is instantly connected to your main office. For example, you are a company based in London and you want a presence in the USA. Numbertel will provide a US Toll Free Number that is connected to your London office.  You can also incorporate features such as Time Based Routing (time of day forwarding) and real-time call records for an even more effective telecommunications solution.

Countries and Charges

  •  From £95.00 set-up fee per number plus £20.00 per month rental per number
  • Set up pricing and service charges vary from country to country (please contact us for a quote)
  • Turnaround of up to 28 days to set up
  • Numbers can only be connected to UK Landlines starting with 01 or 02
  • Calls from Mobiles & Pay Phones carry an additional surcharge
  • If you require a  connection to a mobile phone or overseas please call us for prices

See International Toll Free Numbers for a partial list of countries we can set up numbers from and the cost p/min to receive calls to a UK Landline. Full call statistics and destination charges are available via our secure online Control Panel.


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