Email Marketing vs. Direct Marketing

Did you know…..?

  • 96% of internet users’ main reason for being online is email
  • 53% of business users check their email six or more times during the working day
  • 42% of business users check their business email while on holiday
  • 34% of internet users check their email continuously throughout the day

Given that e-mails are now the most common method of communication for businesses, email marketing plays a vital role and according to some communications industry forecasts, total budget spend is predicted to reach $27.8 billion by 2013.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

  • The return on investment of opt-in email is 40 times greater than direct mail
  • Increased awareness and profile of your business/brand
  • More visitors to your website, and all importantly more sales or bookings
  • Generates immediate call to action, e.g. sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc.
  • Encourage people send people to offline stores and events, prepare the way for catalogues, build awareness, contribute to Strengthen relationships, encourage trust and cement loyalty
  • It allows targeting and drives direct sales
  • Builds relationships, loyalty and trust
  • Targeted campaigns deliver maximum results

If your business uses its website to communicate with customers and target them online, it’s vital that you also take advantage of Email Marketing. Contact Soci@lite today to find out how we can help you achieve this.


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