Voicemail to Email – Greet, Record and Email

Simple Set-Up

Numbertel’s Voicemail to Email service is suitable for any office, work or home-based, real or virtual, several offices in several locations or even your home.  It is extremely quick and easy to set up and no IT resource or special equipment is required.

How Voicemail to Email works

If your number is busy or unanswered, your callers will hear a greeting message and be asked to leave a Voicemail message which is then immediately delivered directly to your email account as an audio file. Listening to your Voicemail message is easy – simply open your new email and double click on the audio file attachment.

Maintain a Professional Image

Get the professional sound and functionality of a large established business at a price you can afford. You can receive multiple Voicemail to Email messages at the same time so your callers will not experience any busy signals, making it easier than ever to capture and eliminate missed calls.

Benefits of Voicemail to Email

Conveniently listen to your Voicemail messages while you work on your computer through our online playback facility and storage.  Numbertel’s Voicemail to Email service also offers both privacy and convenience. If you are unable to check your Voicemail because you are working in a building that does not have mobile phone reception for example, you can still retrieve messages online through your email account or Numbertel’s online control panel.

Numbertel’s Voicemail to Email service allows you to record your own custom greeting and can be used as a standalone Voicemail system. Sign up with Numbertel and you will also benefit from the latest generation of bespoke (IVR) solutions via our online Control Panel, designed to give you complete control 24 hours a day.



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