Call Greeting – Call Identity (Audio)

Numbertel’s Call Greeting service uses the latest technology and tailoring yet it is extremely quick and easy to set up and requires no IT resource or special equipment.  Callers will hear a recorded Call Greeting for marketing or Information purposes before the call is connected. The message can be updated at any time free of charge and can include company news or any other type of information. The call greeting service can be used in conjunction with any of our other call manager services such as time based or percentage based routing.

Numbertel’s Call Greeting service is also invaluable to entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses and franchises. Present a professional image while having the freedom to grow your business and focus on clients with the knowledge that you have a professional service in place to ensure no important calls are missed.

Sign up with Numbertel and not only can you use Call Greeting in conjunction with Numbertel’s online Control Panel which is suitable for any office, work or home-based, real or virtual, several offices in several locations or even your home but you will also benefit from the latest generation of bespoke (IVR) solutions via our online Control Panel, designed to give you complete control 24 hours a day.


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