Information Line – Announce and Record

Currently hundreds of thousands of organisations of all shapes and sizes are missing out on the opportunity to market their goods or services to a captive audience and win potential new business.  How? By not having pre-recorded promotional messages advertising their products or services playing while telephone customers wait on hold.

Whether you run a small business from home or work for a larger company, Numbertel’s ‘Announce and Record’ Information Line is a fantastic way to quickly and easily create an effective audio brand and present a consistent professional voice to your clients and customers. Now every cell phone and voicemail system can have a professional phone greeting which is ideal for home-based or virtual businesses and salespeople and executives who are frequently on the road and away from the office.

Information Line, commonly known as On-Hold Promotional Messaging, is primarily used for promotions, product or service announcements, product call backs, registrations, voting, etc.  Simply submit a voice script to transform your outgoing message into the professional voice which distinguishes you and your business.

Callers hear your message (up to 10 minutes long) and can then leave a voice message, enabling you to promote your products and services while you keep your callers on the line ready to do business. Information Line can handle hundreds of concurrent calls and the ‘information message’ can be updated at any time, free of charge.

Take advantage of Numbertel’s Information Line for next to no cost to ensure your business never misses out on this fantastic opportunity to market your goods and services to a captive audience and potential new business.


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