Route To All – Never miss a call

During times of high call volume it is often a challenge to answer all calls promptly. If your business’s destination number is at risk of being inundated with calls that cannot be answered it is vital that these calls are forwarded to other call handlers quickly and effectively. The flexibility and efficiency of Numbertel’s Route To All makes it an incredibly useful tool for any organisation experiencing periods of high call volume, which cannot be effectively dealt with by the core call handling staff.

Numbertel’s Route To All is an intelligent call routing and handling system which enables you to route calls to up to 20 lines simultaneously (more on request), so that all phone lines will be tried if the primary destination is unavailable until the call is answered. Route To All ensures you can always be reached whether in the office, at home or on the move and destinations can be Hunt Groups, mobiles or Voicemail.

Once Numbertel’s Route To All is set up the service can be scheduled to perform assigned tasks on a regular basis or implemented as and when required. Used in conjunction with Numbertel’s Time Based Routing service, Route To All will allow for complete control of the times during which Route To All number routing is in operation, without the need to constantly visit the online control panel. The array of features Route To All offers means it is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes from sole traders to large corporates.

Route To All service can be used in conjunction with any of Numbertel’s other services via our online Control Panel such as Virtual Receptionist or Time Based Routing, etc. and costs only £2.00 + VAT per month with FREE set up.



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