Time Based Routing – Control your calls

There are times when businesses need to route calls, for example to an office number between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and then a mobile, voicemail a hunt group outside of these hours.

Numbertel’s Time Based Routing service enables your business to record different  announcements, for example a normal Time Based Routing for after-hours and another for when phones are unattended during the day. This can be to a single landline, mobile number, hunt group or voicemail.

Numbertel’s Time Based Routing can also route to an announcement which states your business hours and then enables the caller to leave a voicemail which avoids lost revenue and disgruntled customers.

Example Scenarios:

  • A business may require all staff to attend a monthly meeting leaving the phones unmanned or performs regular fire drills and may wish to activate a pre-recorded message asking callers to ring back in say 30 minutes
  • You may require an announcement that staff are unavailable and their call will be returned within the hour
  • The last person to leave the office or the receptionist at a predetermined time diverts phone calls to an after-hours number, answering machine or voicemail
  • You have an IVR system which allows callers to select a particular team or department but the team has a weekly meeting. They simply select Time Based Routing which redirects callers back to reception

Numbertel’s Time Based Routing can be used for routing all or a select group of calls to a mobile, particularly valuable with the rise in remote and flexible working where there are not necessarily fixed hours when staff are in the office to manually change a divert.

Numbertel’s Time-Based Routing also enables you to create a time plan so that calls are routed to a designated destination from as little as £5.00 + VAT per month with FREE set up.




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