International Call Routing

More and more businesses are taking advantage of the lower costs associated with international call centres, some need to operate in-country whilst their customers are predominantly based in the UK while others often centralise sales or customer support in one location but need to provide a local access number for UK customers.

Whatever your strategy, Numbertel’s International Call Routing service will enable you to receive inbound calls via our numbers without being UK based – we can route calls to over 80 countries or territories and our international tariffs remain some of the most competitive in the telecoms market.

Numbertel also manage all the connections and you only pay 8p/min to receive the incoming calls. We provide UK numbers for many overseas travel and estate agents, international call centres, UK government departments and agencies and many other organisations.

How does International Call Routing work?

Opting for Numbertel’s International Call Routing service will mean that when your UK customers dial your business telephone number(s) the call is connected to your international landline or mobile, enabling you to have a UK presence via a local rate number connected to your overseas office.

Simply specify which country you would like your incoming calls routed to and we will manage all connections.  As Numbertel only use Tier 1 carriers, you can be assured of the quality and resilience of our International Call Routing services, with full call statistics available via our secure online Control Panel.

The cost to your customers is the same as calling a standard 01/02 number and you pay only 8p per minute to receive the incoming call(s) in your country.  This service is also available on our 01/02 local rate, 0800/0808 Freephone & 0844 fixed rate numbers.

The Advantages of International Call Routing

  • A UK presence without the hassle or set up costs of a UK-based office if your company operates internationally
  • All of our geographic numbers and NGNs may be used to route calls overseas – 0800, 0844, 0845, 0877 and our UK area code numbers to many European, North and South American and Asian destinations for less than 2p per minute
  • Encourage callers to reach you anywhere in the world at no cost to them, so customers easily connect to your business and you increase your bottom line
  • Customers pay the same cost associated with your chosen number, e.g. 0800 Freephone, 0845 local rate & 0844 5p/min fixed rate.  You pay the pence per minute as listed above plus £10 per month international divert fee

There are many other scenarios when it can be beneficial to provide a UK telephone number (and tariff) for callers but route calls to staff overseas. If your chosen country is not listed above please contact us for rates and further information.  You can also incorporate features such as Time Based Routing (time of day forwarding) and real-time call records for an even more effective telecommunications solution.


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