Location Based Routing – route to local office

Numbertel’s Location Based Routing service enables you to create call routing plans based on your caller’s location. For instance, you can route calls originating from South East England to a London call centre and calls originating from Scotland to a Glasgow call centre.

Unless a CLI (Caller’s ID) is withheld or unavailable, it provides valuable information because you can then decide on how the call is delivered.   Location-Based Routing routes calls to the nearest or most appropriate destination to the recipient, achievable in the case of UK fixed line CLI because it is geographic in nature.

There is virtually no limit on the areas Location Based Routing covers and the software can be programmed to recognise any incoming code and route calls accordingly.

Here are just examples of how Numbertel’s Location Based Routing service could benefit your business:

  • Divert by country, region or county Area Code based on the STD code
  • Divert calls from designated numbers, e.g. key clients
  • Inbound Sales enquiries relayed automatically to the caller’s regional Sales Manager
  • Landline area codes can be programmed to have their own specific destination
  • One nationwide telephone number with callers automatically routed to their local branch, e.g. a bank which may use this service to route calls to a regional office
  • Route a Franchise’s calls to each franchisee servicing a particular area
  • Route international callers to an operator who speaks their language
  • Unwanted callers CLI’s can trigger an Anonymous Call Reject device

With Numbertel’s Location Based Routing software, the options are virtually limitless and this service can work in conjunction with any of our other Call Services. Numbertel’s Location Based Routing costs as little as £5.00 + VAT per month and is FREE to set up.



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