Mobile Routing

The world of work is rapidly changing and the line between our business and personal constantly blurring.  Although colleagues and customers may often expect to reach you outside the traditional working day, you may be understandably reluctant to pass on your mobile number to everybody. However, it may not be practical to carry an additional mobile exclusively for business purposes – with Numbertel’s Mobile Routing you only need to publish one mobile number without disclosing your personal mobile number.

Advantages of Numbertel’s Mobile Routing 

  • Callers pay 15p/min flat rate whether the call is routed to your office, home or mobile
  • No need to disclose your mobile number to anybody who shouldn’t need to know it
  • Specify the point at which a caller is routed to your mobile, e.g. during particular hours of the day or when your business line is busy or unanswered
  • Take advantage of mobile phone offers and change your contract to another provider without worrying about porting your mobile number

Sign up for Mobile Routing with Numbertel and you will also benefit from the latest generation of bespoke (IVR) solutions via our web-based Control Panel, designed to give you complete control 24 hours a day and keep you up to date with our latest developments and innovations such as:

Time-based Routing

Divert all calls or a select group of calls to a mobile, particularly valuable with the rise in remote and flexible working where there are not necessarily fixed office hours. With this feature you can also divert to an announcement stating your business hours and which then enables the caller to leave a voicemail thus avoiding lost revenue and disgruntled customers.

Location Based Routing

Create call routing plans based on your caller’s location. For instance, you can route calls originating from South East England to a London call centre and calls originating from Scotland could route to a Glasgow call centre.

International Call Routing

You don’t have to be based in the UK to receive inbound calls on our numbers. Numbertel can Mobile Route calls to over 30 international destinations and to SIP or IAX Destinations for VoIP services.

Hunt Group Routing

Never miss an inbound call again by Mobile Routing calls to up to 20 lines simultaneously (more on request), so that all phone lines ring until the call is answered.  You can also decide the order in which your destination mobile numbers should ring and how long for or specify Mobile Routing to Call Greeting or another Control Panel feature if the call is not answered.

As well as the ability to Mobile Route calls for a 15p/min flat rate, with Numbertel’s bespoke Control Panel you can view and download call data records, access voicemail messages left by our Virtual Receptionist wherever you are in the world, change your ‘target’ number if you relocate and much more.


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