Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers

Numbertel’s Virtual Phone Numbers work in conjunction with your existing phone numbers meaning you can make outgoing and receive incoming calls without the requirement for new line installation or expensive equipment modifications. Your customers will perceive that they are dialling a Local Telephone Number, which is a fantastic call to action and will generate more calls, giving your company a very competitive edge.

The benefits of a Numbertel Virtual Phone Number are simply hard to beat:

  • Numbertel’s Virtual Phone Numbers have a Local Area Code for UK towns and cities and a tariff consistent with that code.  Whilst callers pay the equivalent of an 01 or 02 number), you pay only 2p/ min + VAT to receive calls.  With Numbertel’s 100% national UK coverage you can capture enquiries for your business anywhere and harness the preference of many customers for calling a ‘Local’ Telephone Number
  • A Virtual Phone Number gives your company a recognisable regional presence regardless of where your business is physically located
  • Route your Virtual Phone Number to follow you wherever you go, home, office or on the road. And when customers call they will never get an engaged tone because all calls are processed by Numbertel
  • A Virtual Phone Number from Numbertel provides customers with the convenience of a corporate toll free number with auto-attendant and DDI (Direct Dial) numbers for your team
  • Increase efficiency, promote a professional image of yourself, and make it simpler for friends, family, and business contacts to connect with you
  • Numbertel Virtual Phone Numbers enable you to establish a business presence anywhere without the expense or logistical problems associated with a brick and mortar presence. You can choose from toll free or local phone numbers and answer calls on your existing mobile, home and office phones, or even your PC. You can even use your new Virtual Phone Number to send and receive faxes, automatically route calls to any member of your team regardless of their location and provide callers with an auto-attendant

Sign up with Numbertel and you also benefit from our web-based Control Panel which boasts the latest generation of bespoke (IVR) solutions, designed to give you complete control 24 hours a day and keep you up to date with our latest developments and innovations.  The Numbertel online Control Panel is suitable for any office, work or home-based, real or virtual, several offices in several locations or even your home.  It is extremely quick and easy to set up and no IT resource or special equipment is required.  You have access to many of our services, including Announce and Record, Call Greeting, Call Pickup, Call Queuing, Call Recording, Call Whisper, Hunt Group Call Routing, Inbound Call Recording, International Call Routing, Location Based Routing, Time of Day Routing, Virtual Receptionist and Voicemail to Email to name a few. Purchase a Virtual Phone Number from Numbertel today and start seeing the benefits within hours.




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