Memorable Mobile Numbers

Memorable Mobile Numbers are an innovative new service offered by Numbertel in response to trends in the mobile telecommunications market. We stock a vast range of Memorable Mobile Numbers including Alpha Dial, Single, Double and Triple Digit Numbers.

Numbertel is a specialist supplier of some of the most memorable and desirable Memorable Mobile Numbers in the UK.  With the constant evolution of technology available to consumers and businesses alike, Memorable Mobile Numbers enable you to create one point of contact and streamline communications. Increasing numbers of businesses from start-ups and SME’s to multi-site corporations are utilising Memorable Mobile Numbers, also known as Gold or Platinum Telephone Numbers, to give them a leading edge over their competitors.

Mobile Memorable Mobile Numbers are numerically easy and often the combinations can also form part of the prefix making them even more memorable but it is the last six digits you have most control over, e.g. 078*5 444 444 or 0787* 333 333. The first five digits are the prefix set to the network the SIM card was originally issued to.  If you want a number that is easy for you to remember, consider an event, e.g. date of birth or an anniversary or a combination similar to your landline.

If you are under contract, call your mobile phone network or go to their website to check their policy regarding changing mobile numbers mid-contract. Most networks do allow this but it is advisable to check first before purchasing one of Numbertel’s Memorable Phone Numbers.

Memorable Mobile Numbers are for life and offer low overheads with no line installation and line rental costs.  Numbertel is a specialist supplier of Memorable Mobile Numbers –visit our Services page for more information.


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