Social Media Marketing: the new Word of Mouth

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Social Media is permanent, broadcast and does not rely on somebody remembering what they have heard about a business and passing it on. Online followers of your Social Media channels can share their enthusiasm with their own network of contacts ensuring it remains online almost indefinitely to be found and visited time and again.

To many, Social Media is not yet synonymous with business, a lack of definition that has enabled it to become a watered-down, umbrella term. However, with business and networking increasingly carried out online and it being widely recognised that talking at our business customers is not as effective as talking with them, companies need to mingle in the same circles as their customers, associates and competitors.

You do not have to post every day to create online awareness so it needn’t be a content safari! If you cannot maintain the quality level of your content at the rate you are aiming for, reduce activity until you find the frequency that does.

Any business with a solid offline reputation and success can form a cohesive Social Media strategy and campaign and, the more content that is generated about your business, the easier it will be to leverage this. 70% of all Social Media Marketing is wasted effort due to a lack of strategy. Planned properly and it enables companies to carry out ongoing in‐depth research at virtually no cost via free online metrics and tools to set goals and achieve ROI.

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