Facebook – the nation’s Social Media Sweetheart

Love it or hate it, Facebook is well and truly ingrained in the National Consciousness and is the UK’s most popular social network with industry experts predicting a monthly spend of 500 million hours online in 2012. Facebook has also captured the hearts and minds of the business community and continues to dominate Social Media with over 50% market share of visits to all social networks.

A Facebook business page is an online marketing tool which should be used as a messaging service to build your community and establish your business online as an authority on your industry. Facebook filters what appears in a user’s news feed based on comments, shared friends and recent interactions so the more active you are the more likely it is users are seeing your brand and content.

Whether you are considering setting up a Facebook fanpage or looking to enhance your existing page, here are 10 great tips for a great business page:

  1. Nurture your relationships via sharing content and notifications about fun things that you are doing on and offline. Don’t let too much time go by before connecting with your audience – if a prospect hasn’t heard from you in a while they may be confused as to why they’re receiving an email from you
  2. Deliver value in your posts and use creative ways to get visitors to come to you with offers such as free webinars, 15-minute consultations and bonus discounts
  3. Use Facebook as a customer service channel to engage on a personal level with both loyal and new customers
  4. Treat your Facebook fanpage as a stand-alone website and build it through participating on it and inviting your friends to join which will also drive traffic to your website
  5. Measure your ROI – use the FREE analytics on Facebook to analyse how your followers engage with you. These will help you to disseminate your content simply and identify the right delivery tools to make the best use of your time
  6. Fresh content not only engages your Facebook fans but has the potential to increase your search engine ranking. Google loves fresh posts and will display them higher in the search results
  7. Sync your Blog to Facebook and your other social media channels – blog regularly to give fans a reason to visit your website regularly
  8. Testimonials are the most powerful form of marketing – whenever you do business with somebody, request a testimonial and post it your page (or better still, ask them to!)
  9. Email Marketing is a powerful medium through which to convert your prospects into paying customers. Programs such as Constant Contact enable you to collect your fan’s email addresses and establish a deeper relationship and build a list of people who you already know are interested in your expertise, product or services
  10. Webinars that teach your audience something valuable are a fantastic way to capture leads and are a popular content form within the Facebook community. People love sharing free and educational resources and if they think your webinar is valuable, they won’t hesitate to spread the word across the web.
Social Media should never be used as stand-alone marketing; rather it should always be used in conjunction with your existing offline marketing and networking activity.  Contact me today (01202 798270 or katherine@social-ite.co.uk) to discuss setting a Facebook page for your business.

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