Flat Owners Considering Freehold Purchase: Typical Questions

When we have the freehold, can we extend our leases and stop paying ground rent?

Yes. Longer leases can be granted but there are good reasons beyond the scope of this guidance why ground rent should not initially be waived, especially in blocks of more than a few flats.

What if there hasn’t been any contact from the landlord in several years?

There are several reasons why this might happen ᆪタモ either your landlord/freeholder may be missing or dead or the freehold company may have been struck off or dissolved. Provision has been made in the Leasehold Reform (Housing & Urban Development) Act 1993 for dealing with the problem of freeholder absenteeism via a Vesting Order through the County Court, which also has the power to grant a dispensation from the requirement to serve notice…..

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