Email Marketing still packs a punch

Soci@lite has had many conversations recently about the merits of Email Marketing, which some consider already to be a dying art. But we would like to challenge that perception. What, because you’re emailing me, I hear you ask? No, because any online marketing activity, be it an Email Campaign, Social Media profile updating, blog posting or the next new-fangled medium to motivate the excite the masses should all be treated as part of a business’ overall marketing and communications strategy to enhance both their on- an offline activity, not as a separate entity they can ill-afford the time and inclination to devote attention to.

Email Marketing in particular has suffered a poor reputation for many reasons, not least because of archaic design tools and web standards not being adopted by email providers to name a few.

Communication is King and always will be and you are never going to please all the people all of the time. My advice would be to employ a number of different mediums for Online Marketing because even for every say fifty to one hundred contacts who do prefer engagement via email, that’s potentially hundreds of people that they could then forward your email to if they like what they read and your content resonates with them.

Whether or not you still consider Email Marketing to be a useful tool for your business after reading this, email remains the main form of contact for most of us – just look at these statistics:

• 96% of internet users’ main reason for being online is email
• 53% of business users check their email six or more times during the working day
• 42% of business users check their business email while on holiday
• 34% of internet users check their email continuously throughout the day

I shall leave that thought with you – if the content I have written resonates with you and you find it interesting, feel free to forward it to a like-minded friend or contact!


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