How Do You To Do?

How do you To Do!?

When you are a Small Business Owner, in the run up to the festive season it can be all too easy to lose focus and push back half of your reminders to the week you are off work, if indeed you take the time off!  I am as guilty as the next person for doing this, in the ambitious but vain attempt that I will get everything done during this magical period of headspace and strategic planning.

But this year I have decided to try a different approach and just focus on three small but key projects which I know I will be able to do well rather than feeling overwhelmed and ending up doing ten things badly.

It wasn’t easy and I was halfway through a list of more than twenty but only halfway through November before I decided enough was enough.  Time off is time off right?  And what is the point if you dread your time off because although you are away from the office you have a To Do List as long as your arm to get through?!

So what I have decided to do is this….


Not use it as an Admin bucket list but plan Social Media activities for 2013 instead!


Here goes…..


1.        Editorial Calendar

A more realistic plan which I will actually stick to, e.g.:

  •  Mondays and Fridays for blog posts / reTweeting
  • Tuesdays for quotations
  • Wednesdays for Industry News
  • Thursdays for Social Media Tips & Tricks

 2.     Scheduling for 2013

  • Newsletter Reminder – via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn a week ahead of release for every month of the year
  • Article Submissions – article creation and upload to key article submission sites once a month
  • Quotations – one for every week of the year – finding them will be fun but time-consuming enough!
  • Video Tips – one scheduled for release every month of the year (all this will require is half a day to create 12 short videos

3.     Affiliates / Referral Scheme

 Completing the set-up of this – I’ve started so I’ll finish!

 4.     eBooks

 Create a new eBook for Amazon and Kindle

 5.     Social Media Training

 Create more Screen Capture training for my website

 6.     Backlinks

Create more backlinks and reciprocal links to my site and follow the blogs of more industry professionals and those of people I admire or feel have something interesting or entertaining to say


What do you think?  Okay, so that’s 6 not 3 tasks but enough to be getting on with, right? And they’re all interrelated and the work will crossover.

How do you To Do yours? I’d love to hear what you have planned – let me know below!


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