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A LinkedIn Company Page is a very effective way to showcase your business, products and services and will encourage sharing of your content. You can also take advantage of a Company Page to increase engagement and ensure your company provides the most tailored and relevant messages, such as adding a logo and clickable URL and videos to make your Page more dynamic and interactive.

More than 150 million professionals are following 2 million or more companies on LinkedIn. Who are these followers?

They are job seekers, employees, potential customers, purchasing managers, current clients, or interested observers. They follow companies to stay in the loop on new developments, compare products and services, track potential business opportunities and keep an eye out for job openings. Members are not­ed of such developments via network updates or emails. When members want to know more about your company, they look to your Company Page on LinkedIn

A Company Page is comprised of five main sections:

1.      Overview

This tab provides a friendly introduction to your business. It’s a place companies can start spreading their message and opening up the conversation with members. Members will see:

  • A high-level overview of the business
  • Company posts on topics ranging from company announcements to product releases to industry news
  • Friends & colleagues who are connected to the business
  • Careers: This tab is a way for companies to interact with millions of passive and active job seekers on LinkedIn. The Careers tab requires a paid subscription by the company

2.      Products & Services

This optional tab can be made visible by company. It is used to highlight products or services. Members will see:

  • A showcase of products & services
  • Recommendations from LinkedIn members
  • Links to the members making the recommendations

3.      Follower Statistics

This tab shows total followers, impressions, new followers in the last 7 days, etc.

4.      Page Statistics

This tab shows page views, unique visitors, page clicks over the last 7 days. It also shows page views by tab, page visitor demographics and more.

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics image

5.      Insights

This tab shows employees with new titles, departures, where employees worked before and after and most common employee skills.

LinkedIn Company Page Insights image

LinkedIn Insights

This tab is only visible to administrators of the Company Page. Analytics help understand who is following the company, who is viewing the page, and what content appeals to them. If you check the stats that appear on your posts about 24 hours after your status update goes live, you can see what types of information and links create the most Likes, comments and clicks

LinkedIn Company Page Insights image



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