The Art of Coaching – Sport and business conversations

Sport and business conversations? What do sport coaching and business have in common?  A lot says local professional coach Rob Rave. As a coach working in challenging environments which include children with learning difficulties and high profile business people, I am always intrigued and often mystified by the term ‘coach’ and how widely it is interpreted.

What are these limitations? Instructing, telling, advising and being an expert is about the coach’s beliefs, ideas and perceptions about what is right. It is their experience and knowledge that they are attempting to transfer to players. For us to learn effectively, we need to be noticing and recognising change, plus receiving feedback to affirm our progress We can learn to a certain extent just by listening to an EXPERT. However, the most effective way to learn is to experience ‘self-processing’. First we receive simple information, then we try it out for ourselves and thence by experimenting and perhaps changing something, the skill becomes embodied or as some people say ‘we become ‘unconsciously competent’ – we don’t even think, it becomes automatic like serving or returning a serve….

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