Can’t have an engaging conversation with your line manager? Then you’re three times more likely to resign!

Yes, that’s right – three times more likely to leave in the next twelve months! You may well be thinking what has this got to do with coaching skills? Well, for me the term “coaching” is a bit like tea or coffee, in that the word doesn’t do justice to the many flavours. Like Breakfast Tea, Latte, Cappuccino or Chai Latte, coaching has many, many flavours most of which are, in my opinion, complex and psychological. To be able to simplify coaching especially for managers in busy environments is I believe a huge organisational advantage. Why? Because simple equals doable and doable equals daily, therefore daily conversations will have a compound impact on engagement and performance. According to Alan Webber, Founder of Fast Company, “the most important work in the knowledge economy is conversation.”….
Click here to read article in full.

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