Better Blogging For Your Business

 I love blogging | Katherine Hanson | Soci@liteBlogs are extremely useful in alerting your followers to new content on your website or other social network which in turn helps with search engine optimisation.  It is important however to have a strategy for your blog, understanding what your content will be about and who will write and edit this content.

By writing regular blogs for your business, you will begin to be seen as a ‘trusted adviser’ and an authority in your industry which will in turn enhance feelings of trust and peace of mind amongst your followers and potential followers…..

It is essential to add however that your blog should be used to advise and not sell as people will quickly turn off if they feel that they are being pitched, because that is not the motivation and rationale for them following, reading and engaging with your blog posts. Sales will eventually come if you have a properly planned and implemented Social Media strategy and campaign in place.

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In reverse, you should also identify and follow the blogs which you think will be most relevant to your business and provide you with the most information and resource for your own endeavours online. This can be achieved by subscribing to chosen blogs, reading what is being talked about, joining the conversation by commenting and in turn become a trusted adviser yourself.  Twitter is a useful tool for finding relevant blogs as so many use it as a portal to their latest blog posts.

The WordPress platform is very easy to use, expandable and affordable and can be used to post blogs, articles, updates and news which will then integrate elegantly with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, making it an essential part of any Social Media Strategy. WordPress also allows up to 10 levels of users with different privileges with regard to publishing, editing, options, etc. enabling different people to post different blogs and articles at different times.






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