What type of leader are you? Fostering successful Employee Engagement

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According to the CIPD, 40% of employees are disengaged in the workplace and, if they do resign, it is generally down to an individual rather than the organisation as a whole. According to the CBI, sick days cost the UK economy £13.4bn every year with disengaged employees taking 6.19 days off sick per year compared to an average of only 2.69 amongst engaged employees (source: CBI-AXA (2007), Annual Absence and Labour Turnover Survey). Little wonder then that employee engagement is such a hot topic.

Organisations with high levels of staff engagement have a higher rate of staff retention because engaged staff are 87 percent more likely to stay with the organisation. The cost of hiring and training new personnel is put at an average cost of one year’s salary per new employee. If it can be said that in the vast majority of instances employee disengagement lies with a poor quality relationship with a manager or managers, then the solution can always be sought at that team’s level.

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