Blogging No-Brainers: How Your Followers Stay Your Biggest Fans!

blogging no brainersWhy do you blog? To produce content which will drive traffic back to you website? To be seen as an industry authority? To build connections or solidify existing relationships? Whatever your motivation, here are some goals you should be adhering to for blogging success:

  • Don’t hide your light under a bushel! Instead of competing with others, don’t be afraid to be yourself. An original and authentic voice is ultimately what will make your voice heard. By being somebody who people feel they want to get to know, your business or services will become of interest to them. 
  • Reader engagement is a litmus test for how valuable readers rate your content. Followers of your blog need to feel enthused, interested by and more knowledgeable as a result of reading your posts and they will demonstrate this by commenting on and sharing your content to their own Social Media channels. This is also how search engines measure your social proof and ultimately rank you higher in online searches. 
  • Content is King! The better quality your blog post or webpage(s), the higher your brand or business will appear in search engine results. 

Whatever your motivation for blogging, keep the end-user in mind. It’s all about valuable exchanges and reciprocity – they’ll make the effort if you do.

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