The Happy Marriage of Employee Ambassadorship and Positive Customer Experience

employee ambassador The simple fact is that engaged employees do not need to be asked to be your ambassadors, they will naturally assume this role and positively influence customer experience and perceptions of value because they can help your organisation become more trusted and more human. Employee Ambassadorship can successfully help an organisation to achieve its customer service initiatives because engaged employees really are its biggest advocates. They clearly appreciate the benefits of their organisation and speak about it enthusiastically to customers, family and friends alike. Moreover, a customer’s first point of interaction with a brand is often through its employees so this encounter is often make-or-break for positive customer relationships and loyalty. Successful employee engagement is the glue that connects employees to customers, in other words the interface between an organisation’s two most important stakeholders for greater product and service focus. Let’s face it, customers are increasingly independent-minded and they expect value and personalisation not just great products delivered with great service. You might well ask how you orchestrate the embracement of employee ambassadorship amongst managers and leaders. If they are reticent, the answer may lie in pilot projects be it employee research, training, communication, reward and recognition, etc. – anything that will provide the value of an ambassadorship approach with a fighting chance. Should the pilot projects or programmes succeed, then a broader programme can be introduced. customer satisfactionThere is an ongoing organisational debate amongst many leaders and managers’ as to whether employee ambassadorship creates the same results and generate as much benefit of the organisation as customer experience. However, more and more have come to accept that both should receive high priority and emphasis if an enterprise is going to be successful. What ambassadorship does mandate, however, is that having employees focus on the customer will definitely drive more positive experiences and stronger loyalty behaviour. In an ideal world, leaders and managers should themselves enable a culture of employee empowerment in order to allow employee and customer to work together; some organisations do actively encourage this but many are yet to understand and appreciate the link between customer attitude/behaviour and customer experience.


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