Brainstorm to Blogging Success (Part 2 of 2)

What is your motivation for writing blog posts? To produce content which will drive traffic back to you website rather than relying purely on search engine optimisation? To be ahead of the game with your business’ Social Media and build new connections or solidify your existing relationships? Or perhaps you simply find blogging an incredibly rewarding activity especially when you start to see followers, likes, shares and comments? Whilst your objective for writing blog posts may be subjective and individual, your goals should not be.

In Part 1 of Brainstorm to Blogging Success we shared three of our most recommended Tips:  What Does Your Target Readership Need and Want, Reader Engagement & Social Proof. In Part 2 we talk about Commenting on Other Blog Posts, Key Influencers and how Content is King.

#4. Comment On Other Blogs Yourself 

Whilst a very effective way of promoting your blog is to visit other blogs and websites and comment on them, what I don’t mean by this is to simply leave backlinks to your own blog or website. Followers will quickly cotton on to this tactic and frankly, in most cases, be turned off by the blatant self-promotion.

So how do I drive traffic to my own blog then, I hear you ask? Well, the act of commenting itself will provide a link back to your blog or website – all a reader or follower needs to do is click on your name if they want to read more about you or what you have written and, hopefully, follow you as a result. However, this only tends to happen if you have written a knowledgeable, articulate and well-thought out comment and your own blog is highly relevant to what’s been written.

#5. Key Influencers

Become a key Influencer

Klout is probably the daddy of this with the largest consumer base of any influence marketing platform. When you share something via Social Media and people engage with that content, either by Liking, following, sharing or commenting, you will be seen by Klout to have influenced them. And what is influence? The ability to drive action. So, the more influential you are, the higher your Klout score. 

Follow key Influencers

This works in reverse however. Within Klout you can also check who your key influencers are. What is the benefit of doing this? Well, it enables you to identify and engage with millions of top influencers so that you can drive awareness of your brand or business online.

#6. Content is King!

Content is KingSince the introduction of Google’s Pandas and Penguins, gone are the days when you could simply place keywords and backlinks (links to other blogs, websites or pages within your own site) throughout your blog posts and web pages.

Pandas and Penguins are essentially algorithms Google has developed to mark down the search engine rankings of websites which violate their Webmaster Guidelines. Whilst the earlier Pandas sought to mark down website which provided ‘poor user experience’ and operated on the premise that ‘quality raters’ will determine the quality of a blog or website’s content, Penguins mark down sites which use manipulative techniques to achieve high rankings.

It’s all about the content! In other words, the higher quality your written content on your blog or website page(s) is, the higher your brand or business will appear in the search engine results. When writing your content, make sure that you include synonyms of your keywords and use long-tail keywords, i.e. phrases and links as calls to action such as ‘take a look at some of the other services we offer’ or ‘visit for further information’ rather than just individual keywords.


Whatever your motivation for blogging, keep the end-user in mind the entire time. Whilst it is imperative that you are interested in the content you write in order to develop an enthusiastic and influential voice online, it’s not about you!  Followers of you blog need to also feel enthused, interested by and more knowledgeable as a result of reading your posts. Blogging, as with all other Social Media channels is all about valuable exchanges and reciprocity – they’ll make the effort if you do.

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