Our Core Services

Whilst it’s true that anybody can write, how many of us have the time? Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at content writing but now simply lack the time and inclination? Or you find it challenging to write about your own business? We provide quality, timely, informative and consistent content for online viewing – articles, blog posts, social media, webpages, e-Books or case studies to name a few. 

Article & Blog Writing
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High quality content is of paramount importance for search engines including Google, not just your audience. We produce skilfully written pieces which accurately reflect a business or organisation’s mission and key messages. We produce high quality, grammatically correct and typo-free content in Plain English.

Keyword & SEO Writing

seoThis is text which contains relevant keywords and phrases most likely to be entered by users in a search engine. And search engines seek out informative, relevant, interesting pieces and these rank more highly in – Content is still King! Most websites either lack the background language (so-called micro-content) required to optimise their pages for search engines, such as meta keyword or descriptions or their content and images is embedded with unnecessary, meaningless tags which debase the quality of the content. We provide this as part of the service we offer.

Article Submissions

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We submit high quality, original articles to article submission and distribution sites which distribute them across the internet, in order to drive traffic to your website and boost your online visibility and credibility. Thousands of people visit article submission sites everyday to obtain information on a given topic which can really help your business to maintain its industry authority in your niche or corner of the market. The articles we publish are well-written, informative, interesting and professional, providing the peace of mind that high quality content is achieved at all times. 

Google et al love fresh, dynamic content, so a spring clean of your existing website copy will not only give it a fresh, new look and feel but also help your overall search rankings. They also judge your site on the quality of its content so if it’s been a while since you reviewed/updated, now’s the time. 
As website designers and content writers, we will provide you with a Website Content Audit & Report to highlight areas for improvement. We can also help with the CMS (your Content Management System) which sits behind your website. We also research, write and edit online material from scratch (internet or intranet), edit webpages for on-screen readability and proofread final drafts.

e-booke-Books & Whitepapers

We write material for e-zines, e-Books and Whitepapers to be published to your website or blog as a download in exchange for subscription to your mailing list or blog. We also edit new and existing print documents for publication online and can prepare these pieces for publication on Amazon, Kindle, etc. as well as your website. 


images (39)Newsletters & Brochures

We produce company Newsletters (designed, written, published & distributed) also edit existing print documents such as brochures for publication online.  

Social Media

images (29)We are passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate the world of Online Marketing. We also offer training in writing for social media platforms and different audiences. Social Media is the online equivalent of word of mouth, which really encapsulates its usefulness to businesses. 


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