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Capturing email addresses the old-fashioned way!

Are you asking potential clients for their email addresses?

You would think that it is standard practice nowadays that most companies ask for your email address over your telephone number.

Email Marketing is still the fastest method and cheapest method of online marketing and communication, even above Social Media marketing. Done properly, Email Marketing will enable you to easily start to build a concise list of email addresses for free. You most probably pay for advertising your website and store so this can only be a bonus (Right?)

Even before that however, you should be asking all of your existing and potential prospects for their email addresses and the time and effort invested will result in an impressively quickly built profitable and responsive email list.

You may well experience resistance from some customers, who are bound to ask: Why do you want my email address?  Will I receive Spam? What’s in it for me? And other such questions.

Make it clear from the outset how they will benefit from disclosing their email address – employing vocabulary such as ‘Free Subscription’ ‘Special Offers’ ‘Exclusive’ ‘Club’ or ‘Customer Only Offers’, usually helps!

It’s also vital that everybody in your business who deals directly with customers knows follows this practice and is fully briefed on what you want them to say and ask your customers when requesting their email addresses. Do not take it for granted that they will all say it the same way.

There is always the option of a purchased email list however these are invariably expensive and out of date.  An incentive scheme is a far more effective way of motivation your staff and colleagues to collect email addresses. This will help to ensure that everybody is asking consistently and regularly.

Having enticed them to subscribe, you now have to continue to capture their interest and retain them! Send relevant and valuable information regularly to build anticipation, so that your Email Newsletter subscribers keep an eye out for your email. Keep it consistent and see how fast you can build a profitable and responsive email list and whichever method you choose, be it via offline or online sign-ups or both, make it as easy a process as possible for your customer.

Eight Etiquette Tips for Newsletter Sign-Ups

1. Make Sign Up Valuable

Most people want reassurance that if they sign up for a Newsletter, it will provide them with valuable information, not simply clutter their inbox with irrelevant content. Most are also wary of what information is delivered to their inboxes and fear being inundated with emails that are not relevant to them and also sent too frequently.

2. Make Sign Up Easy

Subscription to a website’s newsletter should be a two-click process in essence – enter your email address, click subscribe, receive an email and confirm sign up. Don’t make it unnecessarily laborious for your potential subscribers if you want them to sign up.

3. Make Sign-Up Prominent

This could be done via a sign-up box in your site’s sidebar (ideally at the top) which is then visible on every page of your website. On Soci@lite’s website I have provided the user with the ability to view a sample Newsletter so that they can see for themselves the type of content they will typically receive via email. This link also opens in a new window so that they don’t navigate away from the sign-up page.

4. Calls To Action & Ethical Bribes

Offer users with an incentive for signing up to your Newsletter, be it a free e-Book, download, Tips & Tricks on a certain topic each month, etc.

5. State How Often You Send Out

You should indicate exactly what they will receive by registering and how often they will receive those updates, i.e. at a set time each month, periodic updates with interesting topical news, how-to tips, links to resources, etc.? Or will they receive promotional emails that alert them of special offers and new products? Or are they receiving short messages that alert them of upcoming events, recent community activity, company news, etc.?

6. Provide A Link To Back Issues

On Soci@lite’s website I have provided the user with the ability to view all the Newsletter Back Issues so that they can see for themselves exactly the type of content they will typically receive. This link also opens in a new window so that they don’t navigate away from the sign-up page.

7. Consider your Target Audience

Technically, email Newsletter registration should purely function as a mechanism for collecting subscriber email addresses. Many organisations however see this as an opportunity to capture information about their target audiences and ask more questions than the potential subscriber may be comfortable with. As with every web form it is important for you to consider what you are going to do with the information you have collected from your subscribers. If you do not have a clear requirement or plan for the information requested then it does not belong in a registration form and should only be requested from your Captive Audience (see below).

8. Leverage Your Captive Audience

Also dd a newsletter signup link to any thank you page on your site, i.e. where visitors are sent after purchasing a product, completing a form, etc. They have already trusted the site for some form of transaction and are therefore your Captive Audience – they may well therefore be interested in receiving more information from you.

Regardless of how you decide to capture information and from whom, always ensure that you clearly state what you intend to do with that information.