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What does it mean to be an engaged employee?

downloadDisengaged employees have a significant negative impact on an organisation whilst engaged employees can really help to boost the bottom line. This is why more attention is being devoted to Employee Engagement now than at any other time during the past 20 years particularly as we emerge from the recession and the employment market recovers and improves.

In recent years, the results of many Employee Engagement surveys have all revealed the same common complaints – scarce training opportunities, a lack of decision making ability and non-understanding or appreciation of company goals.

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This is why your company’s Employee Engagement survey is failing

OB-WV845_0327at_D_20130327112256According to Scott Ahlstrand, vice president at global HR and talent management company Right Management, there’s a good reason why Employee Engagement is one of the most over-used phrases in business and the ‘silver bullet of talent management’. He also says that “Employee Engagement, more than any other talent management initiative, has been shown to drive what CEOs care about – innovation, financial success, client satisfaction”. Yet, many senior managers do not see Employee Engagement as their responsibility because it isn’t seen to give insight or guidance into specific business strategies…..

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