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Facebook Business Page, Not Your Facebook Profile – Every Time

I was compelled to write this three-part article after meeting so many business owners who have not yet realised the benefits of a Business Page for their brand, products or services and are, in my opinion, really missing a trick. And then there are those who either misunderstand the separate entity concept of a Facebook Business Page or mistakenly think that it gives people a portal to their private lives online. I have even met business owners who to my dismay have set up multiple Facebook accounts with separate log-ins – so much unnecessary work for them….

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Get LinkedIn to the Right Social Networks

Become a Reporter – much the same as Facebook’s ‘like’ button, you can ‘follow’ your favourite companies and receive automatic updates in your LinkedIn feed. Join and contribute to forums and discussions as these will increase your web presence

Status Updates – utilise LinkedIn’s Company Status Update will enable you to engage directly with followers. Vary your status updates – in one post, you could share an article link to press coverage or industry news and in another highlight a new course or ask followers to participate in a Poll or forum discussion, for example. Follow the Updates of other businesses or individuals to build new connections and discover what people in your industry are sharing and incorporate keywords relevant to your business wherever possible…..

Article Source: www.ezine.com – click here to read in full

Facebook: The Nation’s Social Media Sweetheart

Love it or hate it, Facebook is well and truly ingrained in the National Consciousness and is the UK’s most popular social network with industry experts predicting a monthly spend of 500 million hours online in 2012. Facebook has also captured the hearts and minds of the business community and continues to dominate Social Media with over 50% market share of visits to all social networks. A Facebook business page is an online marketing tool which should be used as a messaging service to build your community and establish your business online as an authority on your industry….

Article Source: www.ezine.com – click here to read in full.