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Three-Faced Book: the three key changes in store for the nation’s Social Media Sweetheart

So what has prompted Facebook to give the news feed its first facelift since 2009? The idea is to make the website more closely resemble its Android and iOS mobile apps.

Facebook new look news feed1. Tabloid Newspaper style – the website version of Facebook will change from three columns to two so that the main news feed is bigger which will enable all posts, regardless of whether they are updates your friends have posted or adverts to have more space on the page. This ultimately means that images and videos will be afforded greater prominence than post containing only text. This makes a lot better sense when you consider that we are visual creatures and it has already been demonstrated time and again that photos and pictures resonate far greater with people than words.

Facebook news feed pop-out bar2. Pop-out Bar – this will be added to the left-hand side of the page and contain the live updates ticker, links to specific friends, the chat and calendar tools and app bookmarks.

 Facebook Friends news feed3. Feed Octet – in addition to the standard Facebook news feed you can select up to seven others, including a music-themed feed comprised of updates from artists you have liked, gig announcements and songs your friends are listening to through services such as Spotify. There will also be a feed displaying all your friends’ updates instead of just those selected by Facebook’s algorithms as we presently have.

So what do these changes mean for you?  For some worrywarts, adverts will now take up more screen space and be harder to ignore as a consequence and the focus of the redesign is to place more emphasis on adverts and make people ultimately spend more time on the social networking site.

Whatever the real reason, Facebook’s PR machine is determined that the message we get is one of scaled back  newsfeed content and more engaging posts. And, ultimately, this is the purpose of Social Media, right?  What do you think? I’d love to hear your views, so comment away!  You can preview the new look Facebook newsfeed here.