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Seven Reasons Why Emotions Are Still Being Ignored In Business – GUEST POST on HR Review

hr reviewAs consumers we continually make emotional decisions yet many businesses operate on the premise that all customers are rational and logical and buy based on Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Why is it that the heart of the same person brought to tears by a tragic story in the news can turn to stone as soon as they walk into the office on a Monday morning to resume their role as a leader or manager?  Showing that you care and value customers still appears to be an anathema for many; here are seven suggestions as to why this has happened and continues to do so….

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10 Interview No Response No Nos – GUEST POST on Brand Republic, PR Week Jobs, Third Sector Jobs & Planning Jobs

didn;t get the jobHow you are treated after an interview is often the litmus test for how you would be treated if you worked for the organisation. There are a million and one reasons why an interview didn’t go your way but if you’re determined to find out how why you didn’t get the job, at the very least avoid the following scenarios if you can. 

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5 Distractions Which Put Paid To Workplace Productivity – GUEST POST on Brand Republic & PR Week

For most of us, procrastination or a predilection to distraction tends to stem from a fear of failure, a lack of prioritisation and time management or out of boredom or a loss of concentration. Each time you are distracted, it takes twice as long to reach the level of concentration you had achieved beforehand until lo and behold, you’ve gotten distracted again and have to start over. Before you know it, it’s time to leave the office and you’ve achieved very little. Let’s take a look at some of the thieves of time in more detail.