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LinkedIn Reveals "Follow Company" Button | Social Media Today

LinkedIn is now offering users the ability to “follow” their favorite companies

In a blog post Monday, LinkedIn revealed the new rollout complete with a video explaining how the new feature works. Much like Facebook’s “Like” button, when a user follows a brand they will in turn receive automatic updates from the brand in their LinkedIn feed.

Mashable notes, “in 2010, LinkedIn introduced a “share” button that let users share articles they like with people in their network. Later that year, the social network rolled out a “recommend” button that brands could install on their websites. The launch of the “follow” button seems a likely addition.

LinkedIn has been moving towards a strategy of “positioning itself as a marketing platform.” In the last year, LinkedIn has quietly established itself as one of the premier social networking communities on the web.

What was once used as a site for networking with colleagues and posting resumes is now used as full fledged social community complete with a newsfeed, photos, videos, and advertising platform.

The addition of the “follow” button is yet another way in which individuals and companies can take advantage of LinkedIn’s growing SEO presence.

A LinkedIn rep says the new button “marks the first phase of LinkedIn’s follower ecosystem strategy that will unfold over the coming weeks,” according to Mashable.

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