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The Three Musketeers of Digital Marketing: Content (Writing), Search (Engine Optimisation) & (Media Optimisation)

The three musketeers of digital marketingWhilst each functions independently of the others online, they cannot do so effectively in the context of digital marketing.

In the words of Seth Godin, “Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left”. In other words, businesses are what they share because we are all master marketeers and publishers of our own online content, THE pivotal role in our online presence and visibility. In the digital age, it simply isn’t enough to use SEO in order to be found easily online and ranked highly in Google search results. The more prolific and active you are online, i.e. the more content you post, be it through your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or other Social Media profile, the greater your website presence providing that you are producing content that followers deem valuable enough to engage with and share.

If we’ve ever had a conversation about digital marketing, website development, Social Media marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation, you’ll know that I’m a staunch advocate of the Three Musketeers of Digital Marketing: Content, Search and Social, in every internet marketing campaign. Which, when they are combined, produce a heady mixture of blog and website traffic, Social Media reach and engagement and ultimately a Return on Investment (ROI). Continue reading

Ad agencies don't run many ads for themselves | Seth Godin

Spending money on your own account is a difficult psychological hurdle. Lots of small businesses get stuck in this chasm, happy to pitch, to network, to send out proposals and to work far into the night, but hesitate when it comes time to pay actual cash money for marketing, trade show booths or other sorts of media.

For the bootstrapper, for the woman who has worked so hard to get to positive cash flow, it feels dangerously daring, on the verge of insanity.

The question is: do successful businesses spend money on media, or does spending money on media make you successful?

(I think it’s some of both.)