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How to Achieve Backlink Building Success

link building imageOne of the most powerful methods of Search Engine Optimisation for your website is the accumulation of high quality backlinks. Backlinks, or inbound links, are incoming links to your web pages and are an integral part of any successful SEO strategy. Backlinks are important because they are a measure of the popularity of your website and will direct or drive in a high amount of new traffic. Google and other search engines will rank more highly a website that contains a higher number of good quality links. Good backlinks will come from sites with a similar theme or from within your industry and have a high Google PageRank. It is however possible to find ‘bad’ backlinks and these will usually come from sources such as link farms. To avoid this situation, it is highly recommended that you use a backlink builder to find suitable and reputable sites to link with and then approach the site’s Web Master.

Search engines determine the relevance of a website associated with a keyword by its backlinks and the anchor text used within those backlinks. Anchor text is as crucial as the backlink to you your site’s ranking because it denotes the subject of the page and helps target your specific audience. Guest Blogging is one of the ways in which you can acquire a backlink for your website.

MailChimp new keyword search filters Eric Ward Link Building SpecialistAccording to Link Building specialist Eric Ward, “if you regard links solely as an SEO function, link-building initiatives may end up creating an unnatural inbound link profile. Fix this by working toward more cooperation between the public relations, marketing, sales and SEO teams”.

Successful link-building isn’t limited to work by an SEO specialist adding links to directories, or adding anchor text to press releases. It requires the garnering of links to be a structured marketing activity built into all PR and marketing campaigns. I see many great campaigns which don’t harness their link-building potential.

Once you have built a network of high-quality sites which link back to your own website, Google and other search engines will view your site as a reputable online resource in your field.  However, without a structured, managed process integrated into all campaigns, your link building and Search Engine Optimisation efforts will fail. As Link Building Specialist Eric Ward has also stated, “link-building is nearly indistinguishable from public relations”.

So, if you’re serious about SEO and link-building, creating new content and information which adds value for visitors to your website, then you will need a strategy for how to apply the types of content that will attract links and resource it properly – Pages and Press Releases alone will not be sufficient. So why not start today by contacting some of the Webmasters of sites you would like to reciprocally link with and negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. The rewards will be worth it!

Ad agencies don't run many ads for themselves | Seth Godin

Spending money on your own account is a difficult psychological hurdle. Lots of small businesses get stuck in this chasm, happy to pitch, to network, to send out proposals and to work far into the night, but hesitate when it comes time to pay actual cash money for marketing, trade show booths or other sorts of media.

For the bootstrapper, for the woman who has worked so hard to get to positive cash flow, it feels dangerously daring, on the verge of insanity.

The question is: do successful businesses spend money on media, or does spending money on media make you successful?

(I think it’s some of both.)


Did you know you now don’t need 25 Facebook fans for your own url?

Did you know that no longer need 25 fans to get a vanity url for your fanpage. If you don’t have have one yet, you can set it up here:

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