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Soci@lite Miniclass: What is Link Baiting?

Linkbaiting imageWhat is Link Baiting?

The quantity and quality of inbound links are two key metrics that a search engine will use to rank a website. Link Baiting aims to increase high-quality, relevant links and can be defined as the use of any content or feature within a website to specifically draw attention to or encourage others to link to that website. As the success of Link Baiting is dependent on quality content therefore making it viral by nature, it is an extremely powerful form of marketing. 

Why are people hooked by Link Baiting?

  • An existing relationship between the linker and the content creator
  • Incentives such as badges, web-based embeddable tools, affiliate income, etc. which benefit the linker
  • The linker was cited as a resource in the linkable content
  • They found the page/post content extremely compelling and voluntarily linked to it

Elements of a Link Bait 

  • A strong headline that is capable of capturing the readers’ attention is the first vital aspect of a highly linkable content.
  • A list of contacts who will be interested in sharing the Link Bait before actually launching it enhances the viral effect of the Link Bait once it goes live
  • Information – the research and conceptualization phase of the content, the quality of the information as well as the method of approach are all utilized to result to an exceptional finish product.
  • Unexpected hook – This is the section of the Link Bait that usually triggers readers to share or link to the content because of its unexpected approach, may be through its comprehensiveness, uniqueness or informative nature.
  • Webpage Design which mainly entices readers to delve in more into the content, whether through the images, layout of the content or infographic used within the page.

Traditional Link Building Hooks 

  • Other Websites (curated) – cites them as resources naturally attracts linkers and increases its virality as the linker will share it through their own site and social networks
  • Evil Hooks – Saying something unpopular or mean may also yield a lot of attention. Writing about something that is not appealing about a product or a popular blogger.
  • Humour
  • Infographics
  • Information
  • News
  • Tools
  • Unique content
  • Widgets

Social Media traffic can also generate a substantial amount of links to a single web page making it another powerful medium through which to put Link Baiting into practice.