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Better Blogging For Your Business

 I love blogging | Katherine Hanson | Soci@liteBlogs are extremely useful in alerting your followers to new content on your website or other social network which in turn helps with search engine optimisation.  It is important however to have a strategy for your blog, understanding what your content will be about and who will write and edit this content.

By writing regular blogs for your business, you will begin to be seen as a ‘trusted adviser’ and an authority in your industry which will in turn enhance feelings of trust and peace of mind amongst your followers and potential followers…..

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Social Media is word of mouth

I provide a social media and blog writing service for a number of my clients. Social Media is the online equivalent of word of mouth which to me really encapsulates its usefulness to businesses. 10 years ago it would have been enough just to have a website, but these days this expectation has, in my experience, been surpassed by social media. If for example you want to research a company, you usually look online. If a company doesn’t have an online presence beyond their website it’s easy to view this as a negative thing, rightly or wrongly. So if you feel that a social media presence would be beneficial but you’re unsure how to go about it without spending a small fortune or simply lack the time and inclination, get in touch today.